OLDER NEWS (dd.mm.yyyy):

27.6.2007 - We ordered a new net site address and a hotel service for it. Should activate within a week or so. Our WWW-site has been down for two months now, kudos to Futuron Internet Ky (www.futuron.org). They were authorized to host our net site but never managed to get it running, or more precisely transferred from another operator. The customer service was almost zero (took a month to get a reply for an e-mail). Hope we have better service now.

28.5.2007 - Mikael Gustafsson is moving to Helsinki or Pori (job opportunities) and leaves the band. His career with us was so short that it had no musical influence to the four-member core. We will continue our steady course and will accept a fifth member (singer or/and keyboard player) if a suitable member pops up. If not... Well, no problem musically. Only slightly inconvenient livewise... Playing live?... Who?...Us?!?... Yes, every week when we gather for rehearsal ;)

20.5.2007 - This site is moving to another server (run by another service provider). Our address has been down one month now. We found the hard way why the new service provider is able to offer it's services so cheaply: no personnel, at least no customer serviceable personnel.

16.11.2006 - Mikael Gustafsson sang in his first training session with the band. He joined the band a couple of weeks earlier but due to schedule problems and other mishaps it took awhile before we got started as a five member group.

4.7.2006 - Leke is back from his six month Australian exile. The band activates 6.7.2006 gradually because it is holiday season in Finland.

16.5.2006 - If you're wondering why it's quiet here we can tell you that Leke is spending six months in Australia. It would be pointless to travel now and then half a globe in order to attend (ibid.) training session ;)

17.4.2006 - Remix version of Demo2: Gnome's Fireplace is ready. It is the one we'll distribute from now on.

16.1.2006 - New minimalist homepages released.

13.1.2006 - Demo2: Gnome's Fireplace is finally mixed and ready. Harri shall make small adjustments later on but this version is already distributable.