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This is the official homepage of the Finnish progressive rock band (ibid.).

NEWS (dd.mm.yyyy):

2.6.2018 - (ibid.) band has stopped being a band in the latter part of 2017. We do play in different groups more or less actively.

2.4.2011 - There has been discussions of a live gig with one or two other groups. More of this later when the date is closed.

7.2.2010 - Harri wanted to test his cheap digital camera. The result (video clip) shows that we are still alive. There is no guarantee that the clip is kept in the music section for long.

29.12.2009 - Funny but not surprising thing happened during year 2009. Our singer Seela-Elisa moved to live in London. We've been carrying on as a four-member group. Some might say there's a pattern: Seela-Elisa moved a couple of thousand kilometers away while the previous singer wanted only half a thousand kilometers between him and the band. Perhaps the next singer moves to New Zealand and the one after him/her is the first human to live on another planet! ..."(ibid.) was my lauch pad to stars, literally"... :)

29.12.2009 - We moved these pages to a new address (ibid.page.fi).

28.06.2008 - We have a fifth member. Seela-Elisa Vierto is the lead singer of (ibid.) from now on. We will practise and compose awhile and then do some gigs and/or recording.

30.03.2008 - Four members is okay but we'd prefer a fifth member. Muusikoiden.net ilmoitus

14.11.2007 - Run of the mill... We have been banging in the "cave" once a week in order to maintain our composing and playing abilities.

16.7.2007 - Please check our profile at MySpace. There you can listen The Feast in it's entire length.

3.7.2007 - Two full-length song samples (mp3) placed in the music section (Among the Living, Nephelokokkugia).

2.7.2007 - Our site is up again (see the previous note). We celebrate the bigger hard disk space by releasing Meliorism in it's entire length (10:58). You can download it from the music page. Our new host can be reached at www.serverimaailma.com

Older news can be found in the news vault.